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10-Point Plan

10-Point  Plan10-Point  Plan

The vice presidency for strategic planning and supervision has required the ministry of economic affairs and finance to enforce 10 major programs in a bid to pave the way for the implementation of the basic policies of the resistance economy, IRNA reported on Sunday. The guidelines include: 1. Improving the business environment, 2. Increasing transparency and economic discipline, 3. Expanding the role of cooperatives and the private sector, 4. Expanding the financing system, 5. Increasing the role and ownership of middle and low income earners, 6. Boosting tax revenues, 7. Bolstering organizations that receive government revenues, 8. Increasing the role of value added tax in lieu of income and production tax, 9. Raising tax payers’ satisfaction and reducing the costs of collecting taxes, 10. Updating tax regulations and regulating tax exemptions and incentives.