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Trade With US Down

Trade With  US DownTrade With  US Down

US exports to Iran totaled $147.5 million between January and October 2014, down from $245 million in the same period in 2013. According to a report released by the US Census Bureau, the value of US exports to Iran amounted to $15.5 million in October, from $11.4 million in September. According to the official statistics provided by the Iran Customs Administration, Iran exchanged non-oil goods with 177 countries in the past year (ending March 20, 2014). The report suggested that the trade balance was positive with 91 countries, including Iraq, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Egypt, and Azerbaijan. Iran’s trade balance with the UAE, South Korea, Switzerland, China, and Germany was negative during the same period. Iran exported $31.33 billion of non-oil goods, excluding gas condensates, during that period, while importing $50.81 billion of non-oil goods.