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New Employment Plan

New Employment PlanNew Employment Plan

The ministry of cooperatives, labor and social welfare has prepared a new plan to help improve the employment market, Hasan Taie, the deputy minister, said on Monday.

“The plan is aimed at developing a job data system, employing foreign nationals and sending Iranian jobseekers abroad,” he said.

The new proposal has already been approved by the Supreme Labor Council.

Taie said that with nearly 4 million unemployed people, Iran needs to make use of the overseas employment market.

“The Iranian government is considering overseas employment as a strategy that would help tackle rising unemployment, which is expected to deteriorate as nearly four million university graduates are about to join the employment market within few years,” he explained.

Unemployment is now hovering around 10%, according to the central bank.

Iran should be able to receive foreign workers too, the official added.

Experts believe that overseas employment can bring extra income to the country and keep Iran updated with latest technological and scientific developments.

Earlier, Labor Minister Ali Rabiee said: “Today, overseas employment is seen not only as a means of generating revenue, but also a way to bring expertise and knowledge into the country.”