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Sputnik Dismisses Own Report on Sukhoi Deal

Sputnik Dismisses Own Report on Sukhoi DealSputnik Dismisses Own Report on Sukhoi Deal

Russian aircraft manufacturer Sukhoi Company has dismissed a report released by Russian news agency Sputnik on Wednesday that Iran’s Defense Ministry had signed a contract to buy 12 Sukhoi Superjet 100 passenger planes.

The dismissal was interestingly reported by the same news agency. However, more interestingly, Sputnik claimed that the report on the signing of the purported contract had been originally published by Iranian news agency Fars.

This is not the first time the Russian agency spread false news on the subject of Iran-Russia plane dealing.

Earlier, Sputnik had cited different Russian officials as saying that Iran was buying or intended to buy Sukhoi passenger planes. All such stories turned out to be unfounded.

Fortunately, this time the falsehood of the story was reported by Sputnik itself, though it sought to blame it on an Iranian news agency.

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