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Iran-Afghanistan Rail Linkup With in 3 Weeks

Iran-Afghanistan Rail Linkup With in 3 WeeksIran-Afghanistan Rail Linkup With in 3 Weeks

Iran will launch a railroad to Afghanistan in three weeks, an official with the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways said.

"The railroad runs 30 kilometers in the Afghan soil from the border city of Shamtiq in eastern Khorasan Razavi Province," Abbas Nazari was also quoted as saying by an IRIR press release dispatched to Financial Tribune.

The project is part of an under-construction railroad from the mine-rich Iranian city of Khwaf to Herat, Afghanistan’s third largest city.

IRIR said the remainder of the railroad is predicted to be completed by March 2018.

According to Nazari, the route will allow Iran to take advantage of burgeoning trade between Afghanistan and India. He said at least 5 million tons of cargo per year will be transported via this railroad, adding that the first shipment will be cement.

Iran inaugurated a route from Khwaf to Shamtiq back in September and went on to implement the project in Afghanistan.

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