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Resolving Truck Dispute

Resolving  Truck DisputeResolving  Truck Dispute

Iran has agreed not to seal fuel tanks of Turkish trucks crossing the Iranian border anymore. Iran has also agreed to let Turkish trucks cross the border by only paying regular tolls, Behzad Barghi, deputy of transportation office of West Azerbaijan province announced, as reported by MNA on Sunday. “Deputy of Turkish ministry of transport, maritime affairs and communications traveled to Tehran, and after negotiations the issue was agreed upon,” the official said. The border is now open for trucks of both sides. The dispute started several months back when Turkey illegally doubled the transportation toll for Iranian trucks and demanded that both sides seal their trucks’ fuel tanks before crossing the border. Therefore Turkish trucks had to enter Iran with tanks full of fuel and were not allowed to use cheap Iranian gasoline. Sealing the tanks was the demand of the Turkish side and Iran accepted it, the official said. However, the decision led to long lines of trucks waiting to cross into Iran.