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Gorgan Railway to Be Renovated

Gorgan Railway to Be RenovatedGorgan Railway to Be Renovated

An official has announced that 36 kilometers of the Gorgan railway, which is part of Gorgan-Inche Boroun-Turkmenistan railway project, will be renovated in the near future. President Hassan Rouhani inaugurated Iran-Turkmenistan-Kazakhstan railway corridor last week. “Since the visit the renovation of Gorgan railway has been on the agenda,” Yousef Geran Pasha, the CEO of Iran Northern Railway, told ISNA on Friday. Twenty kilometers of the railway has been renovated in less than a month, he said. The Gorgan-Inche Boroun-Atrak-Barakat railway project is about 925 kilometers long of which 140 kilometers is in Kazakhstan, 700 in Turkmenistan and 85 in Iran. The route connects the CIS countries to the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.