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160K Tons of Surplus Eggs p.a.

160K Tons of Surplus Eggs p.a.
160K Tons of Surplus Eggs p.a.

About 160,000 tons of eggs per year are produced in excess of Iran’s domestic demand, the head of board of directors at Tehran’s Union of Producers of Egg-Laying Hen said.

“Annual production stands at 960,000 tons and per capita consumption of the product is 10 kilograms. Consumption amounts to about 800,000 tons a year,” Nasser Nabipour was also quoted as saying by Mehr News Agency.

Exports are slowly resuming following the containment of a bird flu outbreak in the country.

Secretary-General of Iran’s Union of Producers of Egg-Laying Hen Farzad Talakesh said late June that about 1,500 tons of eggs had been exported to Afghanistan since April 2.

“Iraq too lifted the ban on egg imports from Iran 10 days ago, but the high price of Iranian eggs compared with those of competitors is an impediment to growth in exports,” he said.

Talakesh noted that an egg shipment weighing around 20 tons was exported to Qatar earlier in June. 

Iraq and Afghanistan banned the imports of Iranian eggs and chicken early December after an outbreak of H5N8 bird flu virus in Iranian farms.

H5N8 was first detected in Iran in late November 2016.

Talakesh believes Iran’s egg exports cannot exceed 50,000 tons in the current Iranian year (started March 21), as the country has lost a huge number of chickens due to the outbreak and its export markets.

Iran exported 40,000 tons of eggs last year, some 55,000 tons fewer than the previous year.


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