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Conditional Imports of Used Machinery Allowed

Conditional Imports of Used Machinery AllowedConditional Imports of Used Machinery Allowed

The import of secondhand mining and road construction machinery by well-known international brands are permitted until the end of the current Iranian year (March 20, 2018) provided they are not older than five years, as per a recent ratification approved by the Cabinet.

Items listed in the ratification include roadheader excavation machinery, mechanical shovels with over 220 horsepower motors, loaders with 310 horsepower motors, bulldozers with 360 horsepower motors and dump-trucks with a loading capacity of 35 tons, ILNA reported.

Secondhand puller trucks with over 500 horsepower motors can be imported and receive license plates under the condition that Iran National Standard Organization approves of their safety and performance.


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