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Tackling Water Shortage

Tackling Water Shortage
Tackling Water Shortage

The alarming situation of water resources in Iran darkens the outlook of food security in the country. An expert has said that the solution lies neither in the cultivation overhaul nor in its continuation at its current rate.

“Modernization of agriculture and irrigation systems, as well as replacing water-intensive crops with those that best utilize water resources is key to improving productivity of the huge water resources allocated to farming,” Behzad Gharehyazi, founder of Biotechnological Agriculture Research Institute of Iran said in an interview with Tejarat-e Farda weekly.

“The overhaul of cultivation and relying on food imports are by no means rational,” while “limited state budget does not allow for a permanent reliance on imports of basic crops from other countries,” he said.

Sufficient research and studies should be conducted on the nature of each crop and on modern technologies available to make agriculture and farming methods more efficient.

He went on to say “any reforms should also take into consideration the interests of farmers, exporters and the private sector while protecting them against possible losses.”

Proper planning and management together with application of technology can boost water efficiency and drive production forward.