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Iran Bread Consumption Six Times Global Average

Iran Bread Consumption Six Times Global AverageIran Bread Consumption Six Times Global Average

Iranians are the second biggest consumers of bread in the world with a per capita of 160 kilograms per person, which is six times higher than the global average.

According to a report newly published by Financial Tribune’s sister publication Donya-e-Eqtesad, Turks consume the most bread with a per capita of 199 kg annually. In France and Germany, per capita bread consumption is 56 kg and 70 kg respectively. The annual bread production in Iran stands at 15 million tons.

In the large-scale bread industry, most of the work is handled by machines. However, traditional bread in Iran is baked manually in traditional ovens.

Industrial bread bakeries have a 20% share in the total bread production in Iran while the rest belongs to traditional bread bakers. When it comes to consumer market, industrial breads account for as little as 12% of the consumer market.

Only 2% of the total flour share allocated for all bakeries belong to industrial bakeries while the remaining 98% pertain to traditional bakers.

Currently, 80% of the flour distributed across the country are subsidized and the rest is supplied at market rates.

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