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Rise in Markazi Province’s Exports

Rise in Markazi Province’s ExportsRise in Markazi Province’s Exports

About 890,000 tons of goods worth about $670 million were exported from Markazi Province in the last Iranian year (March 2016-17).

The exports witnessed a 30% and 29% increase in weight and value respectively year-on-year, IRNA reported.

The main exported commodities included hydrogenated oil, linear low-density polyethylene, polypropylene, high-density polyethylene, plastic bags, aluminum ingots, polyester fibers, frozen chicken, crystal, glass, fruit juice, tiles, cast iron molds and liquefied gas. Afghanistan, Turkey, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Syria, Georgia, Bulgaria, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Italy, Azerbaijan, Oman, Poland, Germany, Canada and Malaysia were the main destinations.

Over 135,000 tons of goods worth $291.8 million were imported to the province during the same period, registering a 57% increase in weight and a 33% rise in value YOY.

The imported commodities included aluminum coil, gelatin, cultivators, washing machine parts, cotton, wood, rebar, train window, sunflower kernel, food essence and shock absorber parts, with main import origins being Italy, Turkey, Germany, China, Uzbekistan, the UAE, Belgium, Greece, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, France, South Korea, Russia, Brazil, Czech Republic, Kenya and Singapore. Markazi is Iran’s fourth biggest industrial hub and ranks high in the production of travertine stones, plants and flowers, pomegranates, cereals and ornamental fish.


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