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Closer Ties With Tunisia

Closer Ties With TunisiaCloser Ties With Tunisia

Tunisia is poised to expand economic ties with Iran, Najib Houli, the head of the Tunisian chamber of commerce said in a meeting with members of Fars chamber of commerce in the provincial capital city of Shiraz on Monday, as reported by FNA.  “Tunisia is actually considered the gateway for Iran to enter the African continent and its markets,” he said. Fereydoun Forqani, the chairman of the chamber of commerce of Fars province, for his turn, said that setting up the Iran-Tunisia Joint Trade Council will provide a good opportunity for the two countries to broaden their economic and trade relations. In late October, a delegation of Tunisian businessmen visited Iran to discuss how to expand economic and trade ties with Iranian businesses. They visited a number of industrial units in Alborz province, near Tehran.