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Indian Delegation Seeks Rice Deals in Iran

Iran imposes an all-out ban on rice imports during harvest seasons.Iran imposes an all-out ban on rice imports during harvest seasons.

A 20-member Indian trade delegation visited Iran from January 28-30 to promote export of rice since Iran is one of the largest importers of Basmati rice from India.

According to Indian newspaper Business Standard, about 250 people participated in the sales promotion event held at Tehran’s Hotel Espinas Palace. 

The delegation visited various departments in the government of Iran, including Food and Drug Organization, Government Trading Corporation and Trade Promotion Organization. Meetings were also held with Iran Chamber of Commerce and Rice Importers Association. 

According to the Indian paper, the deliberations helped dispel the negative image in Iran about possible health risks associated with the consumption of Indian rice.

The paper also claims the government of Iran may soon permit resumption of rice imports from India. 

The Iranian government has recently amended tariffs for importing rice by reducing it from the previous 40% to 26%. It was announced on January 21 that the rate would stand at 5% following a series of tariff cuts on a list of agro-food products.

There is an all-out ban on rice imports during harvest seasons in Iran. This year the measure was in place from July 21 to November 21.

According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Iranians consume more than 3 million tons of rice every year, of which almost 2.2 million tons are supplied by domestic farmers. 

“This [domestic supply] does not suffice demand. We need imports, but imports that are limited and controlled,” Agriculture Minister Mahmoud Hojjati said in November.

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