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US House Bill Seeks to Sabotage Iran’s Plane Deals

US House Bill Seeks to Sabotage Iran’s Plane DealsUS House Bill Seeks to Sabotage Iran’s Plane Deals

A Republican congressman has introduced legislation in the new US Congress that could complicate Boeing and Airbus sales to Iran Air, made possible by a multinational nuclear agreement signed in July 2015. 

The action came on the heels of Airbus’s first new airliner delivery to state-owned Iran Air last week.

Rep. Peter Roskam has called for the incoming Donald Trump administration to report on Iran’s use of commercial aircraft and related services for “illicit military or other activities”.

Reps. Brad Sherman and Lee Zeidin are listed as co-sponsors of the legislation. The bill was referred to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, Aviation International News reported.

In the previous 114th Congress, Roskam introduced legislation to prohibit the US Export-Import Bank from providing financing that would benefit Iran. The act was incorporated in another bill that barred the Treasury Department from authorizing commercial aircraft sales to Iran, which the previous House passed in November.

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