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Germany a Potential Leading Partner

Germany a Potential Leading PartnerGermany a Potential Leading Partner

Iran eyes Germany as its top trading partner, said Ali Majedi, the Iranian Ambassador to Germany addressing the Berlin-based business group Berliner Wirtschaftsgespraeche in the German capital on Thursday.

Majedi said his main objective is not only to boost bilateral trade but to see Germany as a leading economic partner of Iran.

“When I was Iran’s ambassador to Japan (2000-2004), that country became Iran’s top trading partner and now I want to do the same thing with Germany,” Majedi underlined. However, he noted, “that will be challenging as Germany, contrary to Japan, has no energy ties with Iran. But it is feasible.”

Iran and Germany have tried to expand their relations in recent years through reciprocal visits by officials from the two sides.

In 2005, trade between the two countries stood at around $4.7 billion. However, recent trade value has not been as much despite the easing of sanctions over the past 10 months.

After Iran and the six world countries known as the P5+1 reached an interim deal in November 2013, western sanctions against the country were eased in exchange for Iran limiting parts of it nuclear energy program. Negotiations to seal a permanent nuclear deal are still underway.

Germany exported $1.9 billion of goods to Iran in the first eight months of this year, ending March 20, 2015.

New figures released by Germany’s Statistics Office show a 33-percent increase in Germany’s exports to Iran between January and August compared to the same period last year.

Machinery, vehicles and chemicals have been among the main items exported to Iran from Germany.