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95 Saffron Projects

95 Saffron Projects95 Saffron Projects

In a bid to increase its share in international market, the Agricultural Jihad Organization of Khorasan Razavi is implementing 95 projects to improve the quality and quantity of domestically produced saffron in the north-eastern province, Mojtaba Mazrouie, the head of the organization said in the third national conference on saffron on Thursday, IRNA reported. According to Mazrouie, the organization is studying ways to increase yields from 4 kilograms of saffron per hectare to 8 kilograms. It also seeks to expand saffron farms. Iran harvests about 90% of the world’s saffron production. More than 120 tons of saffron, worth $200 million, was exported from Iran to 46 countries in the previous Iranian year (March 2013-2014). However, around half of the export was relabeled by businesses in Spain and the UAE before being re-exported to other countries.