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Basra-Khuzestan Ties

Basra-Khuzestan TiesBasra-Khuzestan Ties

The governor of the Iranian southern province of Khuzestan, Abdol Hossein Moqtadai, met the governor of Iraq’s Basra Governorate, Majid Mahdi al Nasravi, on Wednesday in a bid to expand economic ties between the two neighboring provinces. During the meeting held in Basra, Al Nasravi stated that the Iraqi authorities are keen to take advantage of Iran’s knowledge and experience in various economic fields. Moqtadai, for his part, suggested that Khuzestan would export goods via the Iranian port of Imam Khomeini to Basra. He announced Iran’s readiness to build a railroad between the two provinces in order to ease transportation of people and transaction of goods. Officials from both sides also discussed how to expand agricultural and industrial relations.