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Tehran Dry Port to Become Operational in 3 Years

Tehran Dry Port to Become Operational in 3 YearsTehran Dry Port to Become Operational in 3 Years

Aprin dry port and logistic park on the outskirts of Tehran will become operational in three years, the CEO of Islamic Republic of Iran Railways said.

“Development of Aprin logistic park is underway through private sector investment. Its first phase will become operational in three years,” Saeed Mohammadzadeh was also quoted as saying by IRNA.

According to the official, the dry port, which is located 21 kilometers southwest of the capital Tehran, is currently 200 hectares in area, but will be expanded as more investment is attracted.

Mohammadzadeh was accompanying Government Spokesman Mohammad Baqer Nobakht during a visit to the project on Friday.

“As Tehran accounts for the majority of imported products used in Iran, shipping the commodities directly to Tehran would help facilitate their transportation,” Nobakht was quoted as saying by ILNA.

Aprin has the potential of supplying Tehran as a huge consumer market and its surrounding industrial regions. 

A warehouse covering an area of 9,000 square meters has already become operational in Aprin. Goods destined for Aprin will be transported through railroad after their discharge at seaports of Mahshahr and Shahid Rajaie on the Persian Gulf coasts and the importers are able to go directly to Aprin near Tehran to clear their cargo.

“Development of this port is among the top priorities of IRIR in the next Iranian year (March 2016-17),” he added.

According to Nobakht, the project is being implemented in the form of public-private partnership, with the private sector holding a 70% share of the investments.

Iran is collaborating with Switzerland for the construction of the dry port.

A $25-million contract was signed in Tehran in September between IRIR and Swiss logistics holding Trans Invest Group, to start working on a transport terminal in Aprin where Iran’s north-south and east-west rail transit routes meet.

“The construction of a warehouse and installation of customs equipment will be completed within two years,” then IRIR CEO Mohsen Pourseyyed-Aqaei was quoted as saying.

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