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IRICA Joins Int’l Convention on Temporary Admission

IRICA Joins Int’l Convention on Temporary AdmissionIRICA Joins Int’l Convention on Temporary Admission

Iran has joined the International Convention on Temporary Admission (Istanbul Convention, 1990), the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration reported.

The ATA is a system allowing the free movement of goods across frontiers and their temporary admission into a customs territory with relief from duties and taxes on a temporary basis, for a period of not more than a year.

The system being currently used in 67 countries allows the temporary admission of merchandise and goods in the country through the use of a single document known as the ATA carnet which is secured by an international guarantee system. It saves time, money and facilitates most customs formalities. The term “ATA” is a combination of the initial letters of the French words “Admission Temporaire” and the English words “Temporary Admission”.

With this system the international business community enjoys considerable simplification of Customs formalities. The ATA carnet serves as a goods declaration at export, transit and import. In addition no import duties or taxes are collected for the temporary importation of goods covered by the system since internationally valid security has been established by the national associations issuing the ATA carnets. These national associations are approved by Customs and are affiliated to an international guaranteeing chain administered by the ICC World Chambers Federation (ICC/WCF).

The ATA carnet is now the document most widely used by the business community for international operations involving temporary admission of goods. The ATA system is an integral part of the World Customs Organization’s ATA and Istanbul Convention.

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