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Aviation Improvement Expected

Aviation Improvement ExpectedAviation Improvement Expected

The aviation industry is expected to boom in five year’s time, predicted an official in Iran Aviation Technology Development and Science-Based Aviation Industries (IATDH) on Sunday

Under the management of the former vice-president for science and technology, a development plan for the civil aviation industry was formulated in cooperation with the Aviation Industries Organization (AIO), under which 15 centers were established to meet the objectives. The pace of progress has been further accelerated under the management of the new vice-president, Sorena Sattari.

“In the meantime, the surge in the number of aviation companies and aircraft makers in the private sector as well as the finance allocated by the vice-president for science and technology to develop the industry will make the Iranian aviation boom in the next five years,” Manouchehr Manteghi, secretary of the IATDH told IRNA.

There are currently 6 science-based companies active in the aviation sector together with around 25 service, training and support companies, he added.

Manteghi regretted that the aviation sector was neglected by the previous administrations but noted that the industry has experienced “small growth” compared to other industries in recent years.  

The domestic aviation industry last week displayed its aeronautical achievements and capabilities in the fields of passenger and cargo transportation in the 7th edition of Kish International Air Show (also known as International Exhibition of Iran Aviation Industries),which ended on Friday after 190 memoranda of understanding were signed between domestic and foreign companies.

A large number of domestic companies active in the aviation, aerospace, airlines and affiliated industries attended the event.

In addition, companies from Sweden, Germany, South Korea, Russia, France, Italy, South Africa and Malaysia displayed their latest aviation and aeronautical achievements.

The four-day show was an opportunity for Iran to showcase the latest accomplishments of its knowledge-based aviation companies, introduce its domestic aerospace professionals to the globe, and facilitate their future interaction with their international counterparts to develop new strategies for the growth of their businesses.