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Census Covers 53% of Households

Census Covers 53% of HouseholdsCensus Covers 53% of Households

Data from more than 13.6 million people or 53% of households have been collected from across the country by field officers since the beginning of the door-to-door phase of the eighth National Population and Housing Census on October 19 up until Nov. 6, according to the head of Statistical Center of Iran. “So far, close to 45.2 million people have been registered,” Omid Ali Parsa was quoted as saying by IRNA.  The door-to-door phase, which is the second phase of the national census after the online registration, will run until November 18. The online registration in which 11.1 million households, that is almost 37.2 million people accounting for 46.4% of the population participated, began on Sept. 24 and ended on Oct. 21.


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