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Anti-Recession Bill Reviewed

Anti-Recession Bill Reviewed
Anti-Recession Bill Reviewed

The economic committee of the parliament has eventually finished its review of a bill proposed by the Rouhani administration in August that would help get the economy out of recession, a lawmaker said on Saturday.

The bill outlined a plan one third of which needed to be approved by the lawmakers. The plan is expected to “reach the floor” for the final vote, Naser Mousavi Largani said, as reported by Eghtesad News. The administration came up with the 18-month plan of action in summer and submitted it to the parliament in hopes of launching the plan as of September 23.

The interim plan was aimed at getting the economy out of recession and reaching an ambitious growth target of around eight percent by March 2016.

Explaining about the delay in sending the bill to the floor, Largani said that some of the proposed amendments have come from either the government itself or the experts rather other the parliament. Largani underlined that all efforts must be focused on supporting domestic production as the situation in the past eight years has frustrated Iranian producers to a great extent.

He noted that adopting rules and regulations are not enough to boost the manufacturing sector, urging authorities to take practical steps to make use of the industrial capacity.