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100 Locomotives Renovated

100 Locomotives Renovated 100 Locomotives Renovated

The Iranian Rail Industries Development Company (IRICO) has renovated a hundred locomotives belonging to Iran Railways Company, the production director of IRICO, Mohammad Reza Kamali-nejad, said as reported by ILNA on Saturday. Kamali-nejad said the GM series of locomotives along with G12, GT 26, and G25 models were all renovated with some cab units, chassis, and the equipment of the driver’s cabins being completely replaced. The average age of running locomotives in the country’s rail fleet is over 40 and their overhaul is vital. IRICO designs and builds various passenger coaches, metro cars, Diesel Multiple Units (Rail-Bus DMU), various freight wagons and bogies in accordance with UIC (International Union of Railways) standards. The company was inaugurated in January 2009.