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German Tea Trading Firm Enters JV in Iran

German Tea Trading Firm Enters JV in IranGerman Tea Trading Firm Enters JV in Iran

German tea trading company Teekanne GmbH & Co. KG has entered into a joint venture with Iranian firm Daya Group to launch the Dusseldorf-based company’s tea packaging line in Iran. A ceremony was held on this occasion at Daya Group’s Tehran headquarters on Wednesday.

“This joint venture has now proudly begun the TEEKANNE tea packaging line while it provides additional high-quality tea options to consumers, restaurants and hotels, which has more importantly resulted in the creation of job opportunities in importation, transportation, warehousing, production, distribution and retail in Iran,” the German firms public relations wrote in a communique to Financial Tribune.

TEEKANNE, then known under the name “R.Seelig & Hille”, was established on 16 July 1882 in Dresden. In 1888, the company was renamed “TEEKANNE”. As such, the company is one of Germany’s oldest trademarks that is still active. In 1929, the first teabag packing machine worldwide was designed by an employee of the company.

At present, the Teekanne Group is represented in eight countries with its own facilities and is distributed in more than 60 other countries via its partner network.

“It is TEEKANNE’s objective to gradually move the production of all of its products to Iran using German state-of-the-art technology and its invention of the first fully automatic teabag machine and the invention of the double-chamber teabag (used in virtually every teabag product worldwide). Both TEEKANNE and DAYA view this long-term objective as a path to strengthen the Iranian economy and deepen the already strong ties between Germany and Iran,” the communique added.  

Daya Group is a pioneer in brand marketing in Iran with over 70 years of experience in international trade. It specializes in import, sales and distribution of many of the leading consumer products from across the globe, currently representing over 250 premium brands ranging in various fields, including food and health care, home and kitchenware, timepieces and jewelry, as well as IT sector.