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Iran-US Chamber Letter

Iran-US Chamber LetterIran-US Chamber Letter

The Iran-US Chamber of Commerce has sent an open letter to its Iranian counterpart, inviting Iranian entrepreneurs to expand business activities in the United States, Eghtesad News reported on Monday. “The letter is dispatched from a newly-launched NGO, which is based in the US, to all those engaged in business activities with American companies,” an informed source who received a copy of letter told Eghtesad news Tuesday. He further said, “American entrepreneurs are seeking to immediately revitalize economic ties with Tehran, in case Iran and the P5+1 group reach a settlement on the nuclear dispute,” adding, “It seems that they have a strong lobby in Washington and are hoping that the ongoing talks are going to produce positive results.” However, many in Tehran and outside Iran are casting doubt whether the mentioned organization is genuine. Hooshang Amir Ahmadi, an Iranian-American professor at the Rutgers University and the founder of the American-Iranian Council, told Eghtesad News, “US civil laws and the ongoing antagonism between the two countries don’t let such an entity to be launched in the US.”