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Meat Import From Kyrgyzstan

Meat Import From KyrgyzstanMeat Import From Kyrgyzstan

Iran has started importing red meat from Kyrgyzstan with the first shipment of 32 tons having arrived in Alborz Province, IRNA reported on Sunday. According to Iran Veterinary Organization, the shipment is the first batch of a total of 500 tons of red meat Iran has agreed to import from the landlocked Central Asian country. Iran’s annual red meat consumption is about 880,000 tons, while production stands at 820,000 tons. Some 100,000 tons of red meat worth $425.9 million was imported from China, Germany, Australia, the UAE, Brazil, Turkey, Oman and the Netherlands during the past fiscal year that ended in March, indicating 44.8% and 20.3% growth in volume and value respectively compared to the preceding year.