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 Khuzestan Tour  Khuzestan Tour

Experts from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) ended a six-day inspection tour of agricultural projects in the southwestern province of Khuzestan on Sunday, in a bid to promote an integrated approach for the proper water management by the local farmers. “Carrying out a rapid analysis of the current situation with regards to water productivity, water management, water quality and drainage at farm level in the pilot site were among our objectives in visiting Hamidia” said the FAO Project Manager, Faycel Chenini. During the visit, which took place from November 10-16, the FAO delegation assessed the irrigation and drainage networks as well as the water resources management approaches being applied by farmers in Hamidia district, located 35 kilometers northwest of Ahwaz, the capital city of Khuzestan Province. The delegation also met several local officials, community leaders and farmers as well as project managers from the agriculture ministry as well as representatives from the Department of Environment and the Ministry of Energy.