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China Raises Tariff on Iran Saffron

China Raises Tariff on Iran SaffronChina Raises Tariff on Iran Saffron

China has raised import tariffs on certain agricultural products, including Iran’s saffron, says Seyyed Hashem Naqibi, an official with Khorasan Razavi Agricultural Jihad Organization. This is while China imposes next-to-zero tariffs on imports from several countries. This, according to the official has led to smuggling of Iranian saffron to third countries from where it is re-exported to China, IRNA reported. According to Naqibi, Iran accounts for around 95% of world saffron production. More than 350 tons of the expensive spice was produced in Iran last year, indicating a 25% rise compared to the precious year, of which 130 tons were exported. The UAE, Spain, China and Hong Kong have until recently been the biggest destinations for Iranian saffron.