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Tilapia Imports Hurt Local Fish Farmers

Tilapia Imports Hurt Local Fish FarmersTilapia Imports Hurt Local Fish Farmers

More than $60 million worth of tilapia fish was imported into the country in the past Iranian year that ended in March, according to the director of Iran’s Union of Seafood Reproduction, Cultivation and Exports. “Despite the increase in tariffs from 26% last year to 32% in the current year, imports of this innutritious fish continue unabated. It is sold at unreasonably high prices in the domestic market, whereas it is a relatively cheap fish in the global market due to its low quality,” Mehr News Agency quoted Arsalan Qasemi as saying. The official noted that tilapia is a rival to the Iranian trout in the domestic market and its excessive import is taking a toll on the local fish farmers.