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Iran’s Apparel Market Worth $11.5b p.a.

Iran’s Apparel Market Worth $11.5b p.a.Iran’s Apparel Market Worth $11.5b p.a.

The Iranian apparel market is worth $11.5 billion per annum, with imports accounting for $2.5-3 billion of the sum, according to former director of the Association of Iran Textile Industries.

“Currently, close to 1,500 industrial units and 20,000 sales outlets are active in the field, employing 30,000 and 250,000 people respectively.

These units have a nominal production capacity of 340,000 tons and produce up to 300,000 tons of different items of clothing every year,” Mehr News Agency quoted Alireza Haeri as saying.

He noted that Iran’s per capita apparel consumption amounts to $147 per year, which is slightly below the global average of $153.

According to Haeri, China is the world’s biggest exporter of apparel with $185 billion worth of exports annually, followed by member states of the European Union with $120 billion.

“With close to $70 million worth of exports in the field last year, Iran has had a poor performance in the global market valued at nearly $1.5 trillion per year,” he said.