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Tayyebnia: Market Performance Positive

Tayyebnia: Market Performance Positive Tayyebnia: Market Performance Positive

Iran’s Economy Minister Ali Tayyebnia said economic statistics in the first four months of the current Iranian year [started March 20] have been promising.

Referred to the nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, Tayyebnia noted that although Iran has still not seen all the results of JCPOA, it has brought about good openings that have caused the gradual signs of improvement to appear, Al-Monitor reported.

“In the past few years, volatility in the stock market had created concerns, but now these worries have been addressed and the performance of this segment has a positive evaluation,” he said.

Tayyebnia added that after decades of sanctions and slow economic growth, serious economic transformations are set to begin.

According to the latest report by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration, non-oil exports during the period earned $16.3 billion, which indicates a 21.11% rise compared with the corresponding period of last year (March 2015-16).

Imports stood at $12.86 billion during the same period, indicating a 7.12% drop.

According to IRICA, figures show that the country has registered the biggest surplus of $4 billion in non-oil trade in recent years.

The economy minister stressed that investment is key to Iran’s economic growth.