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US Congressman Backs Boeing-Iran Deal

US Congressman Backs Boeing-Iran Deal
US Congressman Backs Boeing-Iran Deal

US Democratic lawmaker Oregon Congressman Earl Blumenauer has criticized opponents of a multibillion-dollar deal between Boeing and Iran Air and urged economic engagement with the Islamic Republic.

“I think it’s appalling that people are marching a crusade against selling Boeing airplanes to Iran,” he said during a panel hosted by the progressive advocacy group J Street.

“That order would create about 100,000 American jobs over the next 10 years,” Washington-based magazine reported.

Blumenauer stressed the “profound opportunities” available for “economic linkage” with Iran.

The US House of Representatives passed a legislation on July 7 to block the agreements with Boeing and Airbus for the purchase of some 100 aircraft worth more than $20 billion.

While US President Barack Obama is expected to veto that legislation, it has pushed back the clock for the airplane deliveries.

Meanwhile, Iran is in talks with Boeing’s French rival Airbus to finalize a similar deal struck in January.

The country has also expressed interest in a midsize jet under development by Japan’s Mitsubishi conglomerate.

Embraer of Brazil and Canada’s Bombardier are also marketing their aircraft in Iran.