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Markazi Province Delegation in Bashkortostan

Markazi Province Delegation in BashkortostanMarkazi Province Delegation in Bashkortostan

A delegation from Iran’s Markazi Province, headed by deputy governor of the province, Zafar Afshoun, held meetings with President Rustem Khamitov and Prime Minister Rustem Mardanov of the Republic of Bashkortostan, a federal subject to Russia, in Ufa on Monday.  The two sides surveyed ways of enhancing bilateral cooperation, IRNA reported. “The fact that Bashkortostan has access to the Russian markets and that Iran is a short route to the regional markets can form the basis of bilateral cooperation,” Khamitov said. Afshoun said that there is high potential for the two sides to cooperate in the fields of tourism, electronics, oil industry, agro outsourcing and sharing agricultural knowhow.