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15,000 Villages Have Less Than 20 Households

15,000 Villages Have Less Than 20 Households15,000 Villages Have Less Than 20 Households

According to a report by the Housing Foundation of the Islamic Revolution–a body tasked with making provisions for the less well-off–out of Iran’s 53,000 villages, close to 15,000 are home to less than 20 households, making up only 3% of the rural population. “Population in rural areas is decreasing by the day and providing facilities for the lightly-populated villages is very costly,” says spokesman of Majlis Agriculture Commission, Ali Vagfchi. The HFIR, which was established in 1979 after a decree by late founder of the Islamic Republic, is made up of two representatives—one of the leader and another of the roads and urban development minister, as well as a team of civil engineers, ISNA reported.