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Gov’t Colza Purchases Surpass 37,000 Tons

Gov’t Colza Purchases Surpass 37,000 TonsGov’t Colza Purchases Surpass 37,000 Tons

Close to 37,700 tons of colza have been purchased from local farmers since the beginning of the current Iranian year (started March 20), the CEO of Government Trading Corporation of Iran said. “The purchases have been made mainly from the provinces of Khuzestan in the south, and Golestan and Mazandaran in the north,” IRNA quoted Ali Qanbari as saying.  The government’s policy to encourage domestic farmers to cultivate oilseeds is part of its broader goal to limit the import of vegetable oil.  According to the Agricultural Jihad Ministry, 90% of domestic demand for unprocessed vegetable oil and oilseed meal are presently met through imports.