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Calls for Changing Iran’s Weekend Structure

Calls for Changing Iran’s Weekend StructureCalls for Changing Iran’s Weekend Structure

The Tourism Commission of Tehran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture discussed the importance of adopting Friday and Saturday as Iranian weekend holidays in its latest meeting.

“Afghanistan was the latest Muslim country to switch its weekend holidays from Thursday-Friday to Friday-Saturday,” said Mohammad Reza Khaef, a member of the commission.

Iran is the only country in the Muslim world that has yet to adopt a two-day weekend, as Friday is the only day off in the Islamic Republic. As such, many offices across the country treat Thursday as a half day.

“This has practically severed our economic relations with other countries for four days a week,” Khaef added.

Referring to the number of holidays in developed countries such as the US with seven public holidays each year, Brazil eight; Canada, Germany and the UK with nine, Chairman of the Tourism Commission Mohsen Mehralizadeh said, “Iran is the second country in the world with most public holidays after Sri Lanka with 27 days off.”

He also noted that most Muslim countries have picked Friday and Saturday as their weekend to align their schedule with the rest of the world, TCCIMA news portal reported.

Also present at the meeting was Mohsen Ranjbar, an official with Iran’s Cultural Heritage, Handcrafts and Tourism Organization, who said as many as 11 sessions on public holidays have been held in the parliament so far, but to no avail.