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Demand for Piarom Dates Grows 12%

Demand for Piarom Dates Grows 12%Demand for Piarom Dates Grows 12%

Some 460 tons of Piarom dates were exported from Iran’s southern Hormozgan Province over the first two months of the current Iranian year (March 20–May 20, 2016), indicating a 12% rise compared with the corresponding period of last year, according to Saeed Modarres, with the province’s Agricultural Jihad Organization. Piarom is the highest quality and most expensive date. Due to its dry nature, the delicacy enjoys extended shelf life. The UAE, Italy, Spain, France, Russia, Armenia, Tajikistan and Central Asia are the main export destinations of Iranian Piarom. Iran is the world’s second biggest exporter of dates after Tunisia. About 50 kinds of dates are grown in Hormozgan.