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Reforming Tobacco Distribution

Reforming Tobacco DistributionReforming Tobacco Distribution

Attempts have to be made to amend the distribution of tobacco products, head of planning and supervision center of Iran’s tobacco products told IRNA on Saturday.“The distribution of tobacco products will be amended to include city-level, provincial-level and country-level issuing,” Ali Asghar Ramzi said. He said that the feasibility studies for the city-level plan for distribution of tobacco products is at its ending phase, adding, the ministry of mine, industry and trade is charged with issuing the necessary licenses.Ramzi added that the country-level distribution of the tobacco products should be made free of what he said “monopolization”, adding, “Every authorized agent can only distribute up to 100,000 boxes of cigarettes per year.”He said that every agent working at the country level has to introduce at least 31 agents who should then operate at the provincial level.