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Iran Region’s 2nd Biggest Dairy Exporter

Iran Region’s 2nd Biggest Dairy ExporterIran Region’s 2nd Biggest Dairy Exporter

Iran is the second biggest exporter of dairy products in the Middle East after Turkey, according to Mohammad Reza Sanjabi, the head of Holstein Association of Iran.

“At present Iran has around 8.8 million head of cattle, close to 1 million of which are of the Holstein breed, which produce an average of 32 kilograms of milk per day,” he was quoted as saying by ISNA.

Iran is now self-sufficient in meeting its demand for cheese, butter and milk powder. Moreover, it has copious exports in the field owing to the high milk production.

More than 600,000 tons of dairy products were exported to 30 countries in the last Iranian year (March 2015-16), according to deputy agriculture minister, Hassan Rokni.

Rokni said the government has allocated 2 trillion rials (around $58 million at market exchange rate) worth of incentives for the export of dairy products.

“Despite financial strains, the government has put aside the sum to promote the export of surplus milk production,” Rokni was quoted as saying by IRNA.

The government also plans to purchase around 1,000 tons of surplus milk produced by livestock farmers in five provinces and have them processed and exported as of June. The policy is aimed at supporting farmers and balancing the domestic dairy market.