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Iran Wants Better Economic Ties With World

Iran Wants Better Economic Ties With World
Iran Wants Better Economic Ties With World

Iran is resolved to broaden its economic relations with the world, minister of economic affairs and finance, Ali Tayebnia, said on Friday.

“Poverty cannot be tackled in the absence of economic growth. Our economy and the government’s annual budget have to be made independent from the oil, should we be able to protect the country against foreign threats,” he was quoted by IRNA as saying.

He described the sanctions imposed by the US and EU on Iran as “anti-human measure” that aims to deprive a nation of its essential rights, adding, “Sanctions have targeted Iran’s ability to export oil and also the banking system.” However, the Rouhani administration has been able to make appropriate measures for the management of the national economy.

Pointing to government’s plan to bring what he called 'tranquility' to the market, Tayebnia said, “The government took necessary steps to curb the rising inflation, to control the gold and currency market, and to pull the economy out of recession.”

He further said that the resistance economy’s major goal is to help the country achieve higher growth for the Iranian economy, which he said has been very “susceptible to the international volatilities."

The resistance economy is a set of guidelines envisioned by Iran’s Leader to facilitate the process of dynamic economic growth and thwart the negative impact of economic sanctions imposed by the US and the European Union.

Tayebnia said that big businesses can stimulate the economic growth, and added that last year, the inflation rate had reached 40%, and year-on-year inflation was about 45%. The inflation rate has fallen to 19.5% and year-on-year inflation has fallen below 15% this year. The economy minister added that there has been a 3.8% increase in the rate of investment in big projects this year.