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Call for Amending Employment Contracts

Call for Amending  Employment Contracts Call for Amending  Employment Contracts

The High Assembly of Workers’ Representatives has called on the relevant labor officials to improve transparency in the terms of temporary contracts and the calculation of unemployment termination compensation.  In a correspondence addressed to the deputy labor minister, Faramarz Tofighi, a senior advisor to the assembly mentioned the government’s job security proposal and called for improving the working conditions in projects across the country.  The government has recently forwarded a proposal dubbed “Job Security for Workers and Investment Security for Entrepreneurs” to associations of workers and employers to collect their technical views.  To this end, the assembly of Iran workers’ representatives submitted their views in the form of 6 separate proposals, Tofighi stated.  One of the proposals, inter alia, recommends temporary labor contracts to be used only for those jobs with a temporary nature. Moreover, the assembly has suggested the ministry to envisage a fair employment termination compensation to stop employers from unfair and excessive dismissal of workers.  From the point of view of High Assembly of Workers’ Representatives, the government’s proposed ceiling of 45-day payment does not seem to be in line with the major components of job security ensuring fundamental labor rights for the workers and called on the government to consider other factors including age, wage, experience, skills, education, number of children, economic status, etc. while deciding on this matter.