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Joint Trade Events With Russia

Joint Trade Events With RussiaJoint Trade Events With Russia

Iran and Russia are jointly organizing two trade events later this month to promote commercial ties.

The first event is an exclusive Iranian exhibition in the Russian capital Moscow scheduled for May 11-13 and the second a trade conference also to be held there on May 24-25, IRNA reported.

“The Russian side has called for increasing the imports of nuts, textile, foodstuff and construction material from Iran. They have announced their readiness to export wood, wheat and mining machinery and equipment in return,” says the exhibition’s organizer, Ali Akbar Mirchegini.

The two sides will also survey possibilities of boosting bilateral cooperation in the fields of tourism, joint production and exports to a third country during the event. Russia has access to the 282-million-market of the Commonwealth of Independent States, which makes for a great opportunity for Iranian exporters.

CIS states, apart from Russia, include Azerbaijan, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Moldova with Turkmenistan and Ukraine as associate members.

The upcoming conference is aimed at increasing Iran’s non-oil exports to Russia, mainly in the fields of energy, construction, health and medicine, food industry and technical and engineering services, according to its director, Hassan Mortaji.

Referring to Moscow’s recent decision to grant Iranian exporters a 25% exemption from tax and customs duties, Mortaji said, “The new incentive, combined with low transportation expenses, has made exports to the neighboring county cost-effective.”