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Azeri TourAzeri Tour

A working group led by the minister of communications and information technology, Mahmoud Vaezi, is paying a visit to Azerbaijan on Thursday, AzerTag reported. During the trip, Mahmoud Vaezi, who is also co-chairman of the Iran-Azerbaijan joint economic commission, will have a number of meetings with Azerbaijani officials, including the Azeri minister of economy and industry Shahin Mustafayev, to negotiate the transfer or purchase of electricity from Azerbaijan, methods of making use of the water from borderline rivers, regulating customs relations, transportation, energy and tourism. The meetings will also discuss the signing of agreements during an upcoming official visit to Baku by Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Vaezi said that Rouhani’s visit is expected to result in signing of 10 documents between the two countries in various areas. Vaezi said the volume of annual trade between the two neighboring states presently stands at $100 million while the figure should grow to a higher level in the near future.