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Iran Trade Exhibits Flourishing

Iran Trade Exhibits FlourishingIran Trade Exhibits Flourishing

With the lifting of sanctions, international exhibition organizers are turning their attention toward Iran.

“What might surprise some of them is the maturity of the exhibitions market they find there,” said Tom Hall, the editor of Exhibition World—a UK-based online platform for international exhibition organizers, venues and service suppliers. What follows is the full text of his recent report:

The domestic show market has been flourishing in Iran despite the longstanding international sanctions. Most shows are young, having been established in the 1990s or 2000s, but in that short space of time, the market is already almost four times the size of the trade show market in South Africa, a much longer standing–and more open–market.

The Iranian exhibitions market is well developed by sector; it has good show sizes; and healthy stand prices. The show infrastructure is good, both in Tehran and in a number of other cities.

This market has been built by a wide range of local, independent organizers; it is all but untouched by the major global organizers and the German Messen.

The local organizers are professional, they have established brands and longstanding relationships in their sectors. They too are exploring the opportunities created by the lifting of sanctions, so many will be open to exploring the possibility of international partnership.

The opening up of the market has led to growth forecasts for the Iranian economy of between 6-7% per annum in 2016 and 2017. This can only inject significant life into an already dynamic exhibitions market.