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Basra to Host Iran’s Exclusive Exhibit

Basra to Host Iran’s Exclusive ExhibitBasra to Host Iran’s Exclusive Exhibit

Iran’s four-day exclusive exhibition in the Iraqi city of Basra is scheduled for May 18, the event’s organizer said. “Iran will present its capabilities in the fields of food industry and products, energy, mining and industry, household appliances, medicines and medical equipment, cosmetics, textile, carpets and rugs, automobiles, transportation, information technology and telecommunications,” Alireza Sadrzadeh was also quoted as saying by IRNA  According to Sadrzadeh, Basra is located near Iran’s southern provinces and shares water and land borders, creating a great opportunity for trade between economic players of the two sides. “Iranian companies have already established their presence in northern and central Iraq. Basra in the south is our next target for promoting bilateral trade,” he said.