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Transactions With Pakistan to Reach $5b in 3 Years

Transactions With Pakistan to Reach $5b in 3 YearsTransactions With Pakistan to Reach $5b in 3 Years

Tehran-Islamabad transactions are estimated to reach $5 billion within the next three years, Iran’s interior minister said.

Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli also told IRNA that the two sides must take full advantage of the upcoming meeting of Iran-Pakistan Commission of Economic Cooperation to define the future roadmap of their bilateral ties.

“Iran is prepared to be Pakistan’s main supplier of oil and oil products, gas and electricity, and help the country out of its current energy crisis. The Iran-Pakistan gas pipeline has been laid as far as the two countries’ border and is ready to be connected to Pakistan’s gas network. We have also announced our preparedness to export 1,000 to 3,000 MWs of electricity to the neighboring country,” Fazli said.

Iran and Pakistan share over 900 kilometers of border.

The Iranian minister called for serious action against narcotics, goods and human trafficking as well as terrorist groups, to secure the border so that trade in the neighboring provinces of the two countries can thrive.