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Call for Revamping Packaging Industry

Call for Revamping Packaging IndustryCall for Revamping Packaging Industry

Promotion of exports will not materialize without an upgraded packaging industry, said Afshin Fakhr, secretary of International Festival of Leaders in Packaging Industry, which is due to be held at Tehran’s International Fairground from May 30-June 2. The festival will be held in cooperation with World Packaging Organization and Asian Packaging Federation, which Iran has recently joined as member. The event is aimed at promoting Iran’s underdeveloped packaging industry. “In recent years, packaging has never been a priority of major domestic industries, therefore it became isolated and unable to establish international connections,” Fakhr was quoted as saying by IRNA. However, he added, the incumbent administration’s policies of spurring production and expanding non-oil exports call for revamping the packaging industry to generate further value added for exported products.