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Ornamental Fish Exports

Ornamental Fish ExportsOrnamental Fish Exports

Some 300,000 ornamental fish worth over $456,000 were exported from the city of Mahallat in Iran’s Markazi Province to Iraq, Afghanistan and Persian Gulf states in the last Iranian year (March 2015-16), said an official with Mahallat Agricultural Jihad Organization. “Mahallat accounts for 90% of Iran’s ornamental fish exports. Some 200 species are cultivated in the city, including Silver Dollar, Blood Parrot Cichlid, Oscar, Discus, Molly, Flowerhorn and Angelfish,” Hamid Reza Vafaei added. Overall, more than 10 million ornamental fish were produced in the city last year, IRNA reported. With a population of approximately 45,000 people, Mahallat is Iran’s production hub for ornamental stones, fish, flowers and plants.