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Iran Traders Urged to Focus on Benefits of Halal Industry

Iran Traders Urged to Focus  on Benefits of Halal IndustryIran Traders Urged to Focus  on Benefits of Halal Industry

On the sidelines of the 13th edition of Malaysia International Halal Showcase, Iran’s Ambassador to Malaysia Marzieh Afkham urged Iranian traders to take advantage of the economic benefits of halal industry.

“By taking part in international exhibitions such as MIHAS, Iranian producers can bolster their competitive capabilities,” IRNA quoted her as saying.

Malaysia International Halal Showcase is a four-day event being held from March 30 to April 2, 2016 in Kuala Lumpur.

This event showcases products such as halal food products, meat processing equipment, packaging products, food grade preservatives, spices, beverages, flavor enhances, chemicals, emulsifies, halal certified organic products and agricultural produce.

Five Iranian companies from the provinces of Kerman, Isfahan, Alborz, Tehran and Khorasan Razavi have participated in the event.

MIHAS is hosted by the ministry of international trade and industry and is organized by the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation.

The share of Iran in the 2-trillion-dollar halal market stands at $5 million to $6 million, according to Abolhussein Fakhari, the secretary general of Global Halal Institute, who says the figure suggests that the country has not been able to obtain a fair share of the world trade of halal products, while the majority of Iranians are Muslim and 100% of the country’s food consumption and products are halal.

Derived from the holy Quran, the word ‘halal’ literally means ‘lawful’ or ‘acceptable’. Products like pork and its bi-products, and animals that are not properly slaughtered or die before slaughtering are not considered halal in Islam.